vendredi 16 décembre 2016

How program a VW Eurovan T5 duplicate key by VAG Key Login?

This blog will show you an easy way using VAG Key Login VAG pin code reader to program a VW Eurovan T5 duplicate key. Steps are as follows:

Step1. Insert the new duplicate key into ignition cylinder and turn it to ON position. Car immobilizer light will blink.

Step2. Connect VAG Key Login to car OBD port. Now press the triangle icon button to drop the menu down. Choose “Key Learning” then press the square icon button to confirm.

Step3. Choose “2 keys” and wait. Key learning success!
Now VAG Key Login successfully programs a VW Eurovan T5 duplicate key in 3 minutes!
Insert the new key to turn ignition on it is working and no more immobilizer light on!

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