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Ford Mazda VCM2 Introduction

2015 New Arrivals Best Quality for Ford VCM II VCM 2 Multi-Language Diagnostic Tool IDS V97 Support Wifi

A new generation of Ford VCM II - IDS diagnostic equipment is used to replace the old model VCM-IDS. June 2011 after Ford models must VCM II can diagnose. The diagnostic system with user authorization file, you can achieve all-round since 1998 diagnosis, programming, and other functions key match of Ford cars. And to ensure the timely upgrade of software updates.

VCMII is the latest Ford diagnostic interface IDS diagnostic system dedicated for Ford and Lincoln, Ford Mazda VCM2 Ford is a new diagnostic tool. He came to be diagnosed by IDS software. VCM II OBD2 connector via an interface to the vehicle, connected to a computer via a USB cable or wireless network. After 2013, a number of new Ford cars must be diagnosed by VCM2.
, VCM II wireless communications and computers can support existing VMM side modules and the new CFR tachograph, VCM II has a good seismic performance for repair shop work environment.

Ford IDS diagnostic system has the following features:

Automatic Vehicle Identification
Read DTC / Clear DTC
Read ECU data stream
Recording / playback data stream
Troubleshooting guide
ECU brush writing program
With key
Nozzle with code
 Setting / removal of speed limiter
DPF regeneration
Exhaust brake fluid
Steering angle reset
Many special features

V86 with the latest software licensed activation code

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Some of WOBD2 Car Scanner Question

Well, the customer said he would wait for the next send photos over

Our SP10-B software can be used on what our SP177-C1

v86 ids can
But you can not install the driver sp10-b
You can not install the patch sp10-b
Will the customer's car peugeot 308 hdi 2009 with our SM39 can modify the mileage it

Something not very good I suggest you use digimaster3

Will the product SV20-B (VAG CAN Commander 5.5+ Pin Reader 3.9Beta) when the customer can not find FTDIUN2K.INI tips is how it happened

He is not yet applicable xp system
He installed the driver did not have to install antivirus software
Told him not to use anti-virus software on the system has

ok I ask

This version of the requirements? He said his client did not

It can only be used inside das
Your customers this plan is to use xentry

Customers want to programming after 2002 ford, Opel, Citroen, Peugeot, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler's transponders, remote, smart keys, which recommended equipment. .

Customers want 2015 Suzuki SDT2, Daihatsu DS2, Toyota IT2 Product SP17-B can do what the client would like to programming Suzuki Wagon R, Daihatsu Move, the key can not, if not, what other devices can be used?

Customers want to programming after 2002 ford, Opel, Citroen, Peugeot, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler's transponders, remote, smart keys, which recommended equipment. . [A device is not a good thing and you go and see sk142 skp900 your customers have no car

Customers want 2015 Suzuki SDT2, Daihatsu DS2, Toyota IT2 Product SP17-B can do what the client would like to programming Suzuki Wagon R, Daihatsu Move, the key can not, if not, what other devices can be used? [It2 can only do part of the North American car suzuki car you say we can not recommend a good thing

Will SO47-B (New for VAG AUDI / VW A3 A4 A6 VDO LCD Display) apply after 2002 vw golf 4 it

You have to call the client to see the appearance is not consistent
There are display pattern is not consistent with his car
Then we uobd2 have introduced models list there is not a vdo lcd screen

We VCM2 capacitor is 0805/10 uf Mody

What you say is what capacitance

We can read the code delphi 2008 motorcycle BMW R1200 GS it?
Time can terminate the service interval. discontinue the Sevice interval. functionality?
We have not tried
We are used car or truck

SK177 vvdi prog Tip this: Chip crack failure, please confirm the chip type and connection right, then try again!

Your customers read what types of chips
He had it operating procedure

The question is what prompted fvdi

Normal tips
Ok can be a point

SA191, Advantech Mercedes key, VVDI MB can support?
Zhou Lu (172) 10:25:12
SP04 customers say only detect errors but can not enter into the diagnostic system to benefit customers do too new car yet
Error prompts to install the computer to reset the time and date

SA191, Advantech Mercedes key, VVDI MB can support?
[Not yh company benz key can only be yh company's products before they can do

SP04 customers say only detect errors but can not enter into the diagnostic system [you look at our training video is how we enter into his normal diagnostic system to read vin to another drive and then tune out the specific points on the vehicle diagnostics it's VXSCAN H90 J2534 h90 SH64 software download link
Lai Li Bin (405) 11:15:56
Customer SK177

I want to see his chip selection process
Lai Li Bin (405) 11:31:03
sbb support key ford f150 2011 programming it
SK117-B V99.99 is its upgraded version? SK03-C SBB some features SK117-B has it
Peng Ren (369) 11:34:47
sbb does not support what you say
SK03-C SBB some features SK117-B has it
[Theory is we did not actually have a car to go to a test

SK117-B + SK03-C, SK117, SK10-B which recommend customers to buy
Peng Ren (369) 11:36:34
Can not recommend customers like to see the

sp04-b j2534 2015-1 test drivers are the software installation and 2014.1 as yourself carefully look at the video do not know where to ask technologies.

Customers buy the SP177-D, Mazda VCM2, he was doing Mazda Demio (LDA-DJ5FS) this car, not read, can not even communicate with the state, this car is the November 2015. Power indicator does not light. He first thought it was because the car is too new to do or not, had tried when RX-8 can be connected to communication. But now even the RX-8 can not communicate this chart is the client trying to do before the RX-8, the prompt appears.
Client to do the programming module. . How to solve this?

Power indicator does not light other lights it
He can pick up the power indicator light you can do it he was diagnosed

What do normal client-driven version of the software it is

The V96

Power indicator does not light other lights you pick him power indicator light can do he can do it diagnosis

Let me ask

Client says he can not diagnose C5 'W222 · W205 · W212 "these latest models, we asked a number of related there is no news. He asked other companies have some of his friends, saying that should the host hardware upgrades at C5. This hardware upgrade is no risk, right? And C4 is not on the same upgrade?

Upgrade install the battery must have a small risk of the same upgrades and sdc4

it is good

Consumer VVDI 2 to read the ecu med 17.5, Tip: failed can not Access to service provider
Sometimes Hint: Cutting Machine

Client Installation ford ids v98 prompt appears this is what the problem is

ford ids v98 [prompt appears this installation fails
See how you understand ford ids v98 installation

You factions representing each branch I can give you my colleagues to explain how to solve ford ids v98 software installed on settlement
I understand about ford ids v98 software installation problems

Customers ask VCM2 this capacitance

Consumer VVDI 2 to read the ecu med 17.5, Tip: failed can not Access to service provider
Sometimes Hint: Cutting Machine
[Customers use to bind function CNC machine

Customers ask VCM2 this capacitance my chart to see clearly point

Customer SK177, so he made the process of selection of the device has not sent me, he made a choice to upgrade when prompted FIG prompt UNABLE TO FINDE EQUIPMENT

He did not connect the device
Or drive not installed

We have no Toyota Tech Stream software can support 2005 Corolla Verso air conditioning and heating system, display data

VVDI 1 can unlock the BCM data?

SM48-B XPROG-M 5.55 client software when prompted to say open this

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How to use the car fault diagnostic


The storage contents of multiple failures, analyze and discover their common genesis
In most cases, when reading through DTC troubleshooting functions, will bring up a plurality of the fault records, the contents of these failures sometimes not isolated, often by a hidden failures that result from, or have a certain causal relationship . Failure analysis of the content stored by this point, and then combined with other detection methods and maintenance experience, can quickly determine fault, in this case include two maintenance.

Fault 2: an annual output of 2003 Santana 2000 GSi cars, often fail to start, and then everything is normal after starting. Use the scan tool into the engine electronic control system inquiry, we found that two fault codes are sporadic fault "30-terminal voltage signal is too small" and "no throttle body basic setting" and use Clear fault codes Clear fault recording function , and the throttle basic setting, but for some time after the ignition switch is turned off, the failure occurs again.
It seemed that this initial two engine failures will not lead to accidental can not start properly, but think about it, these two failures have a certain causal relationship. Because the engine control unit via terminal 30 to the control unit fault memory and memory settings provide basic voltage, and maintain long-lasting memories. In the case of the ignition switch is turned off, the 30th terminal voltage is too low or zero, will cause failure to store information and basic settings are lost. When the ignition switch is turned on, the engine can not be started when the query of the fault memory, the fault since the fault voltage terminal 30 basic set too low or zero has been lost, but also caused the above-mentioned "no throttle body basic setting" fault . That is the first fault record is the second leading to the causes of the fault record. After checking circuit it is indeed often the positive power supply terminal of the line into the engine control unit in the center of the plug at the electrical box off the. Reconnect the plug when the engine can not be started again, and then query the actual cause of the fault diagnostic failure is the engine can not be started breaking speed sensor G28, finally put a new engine speed sensor (Fig. 3), the fault completely ruled out.

                             image 3

   Figure 4

Fault 3: a 2002 annual Guangzhou Honda Accord 2.3 L car can not be started accidentally, fault code query with the Honda PGM fault diagnostic (Fig. 4), four injector open or short circuit fault of the positive electrode, check the injector correlation circuit without any exception. According to experience, four injectors generally not a problem at the same time, but by PGM check out the above injector fault must have some reason. After analysis, the fault should be in control of the four injector common power circuit. In other words, the direct cause of the malfunction is not the fault of the fault diagnostic records are isolated, but identified in the cause of the fault in the injector circuit associated range. According to the injector control circuit and maintenance experience, most likely damage the fuel pump relay, which means that the fuel pump relay may be hidden reasons for the failure record. The fuel pump relay is replaced by a new member, the failure no longer occurs.
Skp900 Key Programmer
XTOOL X-100 PAD  X100  Pad
vvdi mb tool
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X100+ key programmer main interface to program a key GM key

X100+ Plus key programmer supports multi-function: vehicle identification, read/erase error codes, key programming, ECU programming for parts of vehicles, reading vehicle security code from vehicle immobilizer memory etc. here takes an example of getting GM Cruze security code with X100+.
Connect X100+/ X100 plus auto key programmer with vehicle via OBDⅡsocket
Power up the device to come to the main menu
Select vehicle Makers
X100 + GM security code 1
Select vehicle region: America
X100 + GM security code 2
Select vehicle manufacturer: GM
X100 + GM security code 3
The system is loading bin.
There are two options under GM menu
–Read security code
Select Read security code (first option)
X100 + GM security code 4
Turn ignition to ON position
Select vehicle make/model: CHEVEOLET
X100 + GM security code 5
Select specific vehicle model: Cruze
X100 + GM security code 6
The system then will display the Cruze security code
X100 + GM security code 7
Back to the X100+ key programmer main interface to program a key GM key. Follow the system notice.

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After a long wait, finally vultures VVDI MB TOOL equipment and instructors are met, that we will do when the addition of Mercedes a handy weapon. However, due to equipment sales too hot, the production speed also keep up with market demand, many masters have not got the equipment, we understand all of this equipment are some of them have got master disclose or unconfirmed gossip, so in this news release report on VVDI MB TOOL official introduction, for your reference and understanding.

VVDI MB TOOL main function

Write key

● identify key basic information

● BE keys can be read directly via infrared password, wipe empty BE key, write new keys, etc.

● NEC adapter supports reading v51, v57 version key code

● Supports writing and erasing the following versions of NEC empty key:

v51, v57; v28, v35, v40; v03, v06, v08 (intelligent key); v05, v07, v09 (intelligent key); v59, v61 (Smart Key)

Lock (EIS)

● Support OBD and infrared adapter locks the data read in two ways

● OBD diagnostic mode supports automatic lock CAN protocol

● Support rub air lock, so the lock used data can be written into a new lock (online)

● support the replacement of the lock, the lock can be written to the original key information

● Supports writing chassis number

● Support Clear TP protection

● Support Personalization W204 steering lock

● Support type:

W164; W164 2009-; W166,197,212,218,246; W169,209,211; W172,204,207; W203,463,639 (K); W202,208,210 (K); W215,220 ( K); W230 (K); W216; W221; W639 2009-

Cryptographic calculations

● password is calculated by collecting lock and key data, calculated key code (online)

● All CAN protocol support password lock computing (BGA key support and general NEC key)

● NEC v51, v57 version also supports key cryptographic calculations, split-free, risk-free

● Acquisition time: 3.5-13 minutes, collecting the relevant time with the key version; BGA key for about 5 minutes

● server computing time: 0.5-1 minutes, VVDI MB TOOL password is the fastest and most convenient calculation tool

● Support type:

W164; W164 2009-; W166,197,212,218,246; W169,209,211; W172,204,207; W216; W221; W639 2009-

Generate key file

● generate the key file is a key to generate the key file to be written to (online)

● generate the key file takes about 20 seconds

● Support VVDI MB EIS data format and the old Motorola lock of EEPROM file

Steering lock (ESL)

● Support OBD (K Line) reads steering lock (ESL) data

● Support rub empty steering lock, steering lock used to make changes to the new steering lock (online)

● support the replacement of the steering lock, steering lock original write data, or write directly to the original lock head data

● Supports writing chassis number

● Support Clear TP protection

● Support automatic personalize without wiping the empty lock

● Support check steering lock is damaged

Programming engine, gearbox

Support rub empty engine, gearbox and other accessories used (being tested, so stay tuned)

Special Instructions

1. Disable key feature will be added in subsequent editions

2.2015 years of the latest FBS4 lock does not support reading and computation password (R & D efforts are being made to overcome)

3. The latter will upgrade all lost function reads the password from the lock

4. The old section of Motorola lock (K Line) is not supported cryptographic calculations, subsequent versions will add

5. rub rub empty empty cylinder and steering lock code needs to be erased, erase the password currently find the success rate is not high, we are establishing a new server to ensure the success rate.

6. The steering lock automatically personalize: currently only supports full 00-key cryptography is automatically set personalization, the latter will be automatically personalized support all passwords (currently using the "Personalize W204 ESL" to complete the ESL personalize settings)

7. VVDI MB TOOL detailed functional description see the instructions for use (PC client software has built-in PDF format version English version dual instructions).

Instructions for use

Example 1: Description Location

Example Two: Protection Software pop-up window

VVDI MB TOOL Description example a position in the red box, click on the top left after opening the software options - instructions for use, if the computer has installed 360 security guards and other protection software, will pop Example two pictures, select Allow program allow to see VVDI MB TOOL English dual version Help and then click OK when.

Online upgrade

Example Three: VVDI MB TOOL online Update location

Example four: Update Firmware

Select the sample three red box firmware update, then click on the example of four red box online upgrade button to upgrade the firmware.

Example five: Software Update pop-up window

Example VI: Software Download Dialog Box

Select the sample three red box update software will pop up five software download window example, domestic users choose red box Download 1 (domestic), the browser will pop up the download page, select the download, and then six in the example of dialogue box, select save location.

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VVDI PROGRAMMER firmware update

vvdi prog
There are some V4.4.1 VVDI PROG Programmer is released. Here, offers all the new information of vvdi prog 4.4.1, including firmware update guide.
v4.4.1 vvdi pro new info (2016-03-17)
* This version Need update firmware
The latest version is 2.0.0
The new version will support more versions of driver
MC9S12GC96_SECURED,MC9S12GC128_SECURED options in <2-MCU>-><MOTOROLA>Mask (0M66G,1M34C,1L45J,2L45J)
+ Add [V850ES/Sx3]series:70F3231,D70F3232,D70F3233,D70F3234,
D70F3235,D70F3236,D70F3237,D70F3238,D70F3239 options
[V850E/RS1]series:70F3402,D70F3403,D70F3403A options
[V850E/Ix3]series:70F3451,D70F3452,D70F3453,D70F3454 options
[V850E/RG3]series:70F3464, D70F3465,D70F3466,D70F3470,D70F3471,D70F3472 options
[V850ES/Jx2]series:70F3715, D70F3716,D70F3717,D70F3718,D70F3719,D70F3720,
D70F3721,D70F3722,D70F3723,D70F3724 options
[V850ES/Jx3]series:70F3739,D70F3740,D70F3741,D70F3742,D70F3743 ,
D70F3744,D70F3745,D70F3746 options
[SPECIAL TYPE]series: D70F3469 options
D70F3782,D70F3783,D70F3784,D70F3785,D70F3786,D70F3 826,
D70F3827,D70F3828,D70F3829,D70F3834,D70F3835,D70F3 836,
D70F3837 options in <2-MCU>-><RENESAS>
+ Add the OPBT0 area in <2-MCU>-><RENESAS> :
D70F4179,D70F4180 options The OPBT0 area is the chip config data area
+ Add EIS-W220(HC08) option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><BENZ>
+ Add SMARTKEY-0L01Y option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><JAGUAR>
+ Add BCM-1N35H-BACKUP,BCM-1N35H-R/W/UNLOCK options
+ Add H5-1M80F option in<5-DASHBORAD>-><GREATWALL>
+ Add XC60(2014) option in<5-DASHBORAD>-><VOLVO>
+ Add FRM-XEQ384 option in <7-OTHER>-><BMW>
+ Add auto backup the security area 1K Bytes data function in
MC9S12XE series chip options when select unlock the chip, the backup
data will be saved in “backup” folder and named with time info
+ Add auto detect firmware versionfunction. if the firmware
version too low, the softwarewill prompt to upgrade the firmware
* Fix bugs
VVDI PROGRAMMER firmware update:
Step 1- connect vvdi prog unit with the USB cable for the computer
Step 2- click on “Start Firmware Upgrade” button
Step 3- wait for update to complete

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Car TPMS Problem

Tire pressure is insufficient, although the feeling of the tread contact with a larger area, but in fact the tire section in the limit state, showing a concave state. Therefore, in the two tests, the braking performance than the normal low pressure tire pressure difference. And under high pressure, the tire section which presents a convex shape, so that the contact area is less. From the cross-sectional area can see the tire contact with the ground contact area, if prolonged use of high pressure and low pressure with the tire wear will result in bias.

When pressure is too high, the tread presents "convex" shape, and therefore less tire contact area. And when tire pressure is too low, decrease sidewall support force, not only a sense of control of the steering wheel becomes blurred, will directly affect the handling characteristics of the tire. So only under normal atmospheric pressure to achieve the best handling performance of the tire and the vehicle.

Q: Who mute better?

A: Results and fuel consumption consistent, high pressure slightly better acoustics

Mute test, believed to have experienced cyclists will guess the test results, a larger contact area of low pressure big noise, and the contact area of high pressure and less noise. The test at a speed of 80km / h on the same road driving, noise meter is measured under the same results, high-pressure state to 61.6 db win.

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Why large displacement engine, more powerful

As we all know, large displacement cars power is adequate, the larger displacement engine displacement engine power greater in the end is why
The implication from talking about displacement, cylinder piston displacement means from the lower dead point to the top dead center of the gas volume swept, it depends on the bore and piston stroke.

Engine displacement is the sum of each cylinder displacement, usually with mL (milliliter) or L (liter) to represent. Since the cylinder block is a cylinder, its volume is unlikely to happen is an integer number of liters, it appears 1998mU 2397mL other digital, they can be approximated marked as 2.0L, 2.4L.

The larger engine displacement, the more each time it inhaled combustible mixture, the stronger the force generated during combustion. This is equivalent to the human stomach  The larger, the more you eat, the more strong and he might.

Implications of the fault code P0695
1. The OBD fault codes apply to all car manufacturers
DTC: P0695
Chinese meaning: Fan 3 Control Circuit Low
English meaning: Fan 3 Control Circuit Low
Category: Computer or auxiliary output circuit
Details Meaning: an electronic control unit (ECU) detected the fan 3 (medium speed) control variables (FCV) circuit voltage drops below the minimum value of the calibration. Causes include fan itself or the control circuit, and other joints.

Automotive diagnostic profile

I. Overview of Diagnosis

    Currently, OEMs and suppliers to adopt diagnostic methods online and offline diagnosing diagnosis combination.
Online diagnosis: it can in the car during the operation of the electronic control system of ongoing monitoring work of each component and, if abnormal, according to a specific algorithm determine the specific fault, and stored in code down, and start the corresponding module function trouble-free operation so faulty cars can be driven to a repair shop for repair, maintenance personnel can use the auto self-diagnostic function to call up the fault code, quickly locate and repair the fault. Therefore, the maintenance of safety and convenience standpoint, automotive electronic control system should be equipped with self-diagnostic function. Since 1979, General Motors pioneered the use of self-diagnostic function in its automotive electronic control systems, the major automobile manufacturers in the world to follow suit in the production of electric cars are each equipped with a self-diagnostic function. Self-diagnostics, and maintenance of new car factory has become an important means indispensable plant fault detection.
Offline diagnosis: read the corresponding diagnostic information through an external diagnostic equipment, and diagnostic operations. The key to diagnosis is how to achieve offline communication mechanism and diagnostic equipment and diagnostic services between the ECU, namely diagnostic protocol.

        Currently, the diagnostic protocol standard is divided into two systems, ISO (International Standards Organization) and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers). United States to use SAE standard system, most countries outside the United States (including China) the use of ISO standards.

    In the passenger area, OEM positive diagnosis from a custom protocol, turning to ISO standards. In the field of commercial vehicles, OEM follow SAE diagnosis, on this basis, the European OEM increased ISO diagnosis. Table 1 lists some of the ISO and SAE standard control.

II. Related diagnostic criteria

Diagnostic criteria: a description of a series of diagnostic services, diagnostic request definition ECU and between the response rule, ECU for processing action request message and a request response packet information meaning.

1.ISO 14230

Keyword Protocol 2000 (KWP2000), is based on the K-Line (serial transmission, the maximum transmission rate of 10.4K) of diagnostic protocols, 14230 is a set of communications protocols have defined from the physical layer, data link layer to the application layer.

2.ISO 14229-1

UDS = Unified Diagnostic Services, defines only diagnostic services, and implementation of the network does not involve only the application layer.

3.ISO 15765

Diagnostic On CAN, CAN (serial transmission, the maximum communication speed 1M), defines the network transport layer (Part2).

Three .OBD-On-Board Diagnostics

OBD is a complex self-diagnostic system for detecting faults affect vehicle emissions components and systems.

All OBDII or EOBD equipped cars must have:
- Standardized data Diagnostic Interface (SAE-J1962),
- Standardization decoder (SAE-J1978)
- Standardized electronic communications protocol (KW2000, CAN, CLASSII, ISO9141, etc.),
- Standardized diagnostic trouble codes (DTC, SAE-J2012),
- Standardized intelligence service (SAE-J2000).

Four functional units .ISO 14229-1

1. Diagnosis and management of the communication function unit

DiagnosticSessionControl for session state to switch to access those services in a non-default session to access the
ECUReset for ECU reset, for example, after the ECU reprogramming, this service is required to reset ECU
SecurityAccess for protection and security, privacy, or emission-related data
CommunicationControl service requested by the user to control its communications
TesterPresent for maintaining a non-default session state
AccessTimingParameter user to an active communication read / modify the time parameters
SecuredDataTransmission user data security in a data transfer execution external
ControlDTCSetting opening / closing DTC Records
Start a user request event mechanism ResponseOnEvent
Baud LinkControl user requests for communication control unit 2. The data transmission capabilities
ReadDataByIdentifier read ECU fault information storage space by DID (Data Identifier)
ReadMemoryByAddress user to read the current value of memory through Address
ReadScalingDataByIdentifier DID read by diagnosis-related conversion formula
ReadDataByPeriodicIdentifier for periodically reading data DID
DynamicallyDefineDataIdentifier for once read multiple DID data, combined with the need to use 0x22 Service
WriteDataByIdentifier by DID write data
WriteMemoryByAddress user writes value 3. Storage data transmission unit via Address
Diagnostic information is stored in the ECU ClearDiagnosticInformation to clear storage space, such as freeze frame data, extended data, etc.
4. ReadDTCInformation for reading fault information input and output control unit
InputOutputControlByIdentifier user requests the control input / output5. Remote Activation function unit
RoutineControl routine control for start / stop routine within the ECU, or read its return value 6. upload and download function unit
RequestDownload user requests to download data
RequestUpload user requests to upload data
TransferData service user to transfer data (download) or request data from the server (upload)
RequestTransferExit user requests termination of data transmission

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Odometer programming introduction

WOBD2 Offer a Odometer programming data parsing vehicle maintenance 2008-01-09 15:49:43 Read 71 Comments 0 Font Size: medium and small
Today we analyze A car dashboard mileage most common data encoding, this encoding algorithm is designed to solve the number of read-write memory and designed. Using this algorithm models include: Most Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, and a small portion of the domestic models, such as Chery. Other models and a considerable part of the evolution of mileage from this algorithm is an algorithm or improvement comes.

Before analyzing this algorithm I first talk about the relationship between the data recorded in the form of two questions:

First, the positive anti-code code

Record data memory we generally use hexadecimal codes are recording methods, such as the 12345 (decimal) is recorded as: 3039 (hex).

But in the car dashboard we'll see another recording: Hex anti-code, such as the 12345 (decimal) is recorded as: CFC6 (hex inverted).

Positive anti-code and then the code how to convert it? We look at the hexadecimal calculation: CFC6 = FFFF-3039;

In fact, we can also use another, more straightforward conversion, just press table controls were one pair of bit conversion can be:

N code: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F

Anti-code: F E D C B A 9 ​​8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

Second, the problem of low and high data

Due to differences in CPU design and memory design, for the same time a 16-bit hexadecimal number of records may have high or low the previous design differences last.

The data 3039 (hex), some instruments will be recorded as follows: 3930.

Before the transfer table we must clarify our instrument is that a data recording mode, in which there are four possibilities, namely: positive code + high front and low positive code + front, anti-code + MSB first, anti-code + LSB first.

Here we begin to enter our subject today, we talk about mileage algorithms.

If we see this data in the data stored in the instrument: 3,039,303,930,393,039 3,039,303,930,383,038;

A very similar set of values, together (there may be 8 group, but also some 16 groups), this is what we want to mileage data.

Now we assume that the problem of high and low positive and negative data and code has been resolved, the data have been unified into positive yards, the previous high, and only eight sets of data in the discussion, we look at a few examples:

1KM: 0001 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000

2KM: 0001 0001 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000

3KM: 0001 0001 0001 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000

8KM: 0001 0001 0001 0001 0001 0001 0001 0001

9KM: 0002 0001 0001 0001 0001 0001 0001 0001

10KM: 0002 0002 0001 0001 0001 0001 0001 0001

We soon see that the result is to put all the mileage data are combined, but most of the models are run every two kilometers of recording time data, and this time we came to the data should be multiplied by 2 only is the actual number of miles, as the data are then: 2KM, 4KM, 6KM, 16KM, 18KM, 20KM.

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key programmer

lundi 14 mars 2016

VW JETTA 2010 KEY ODIS Program device

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Jetta key
There are three things you need: the right PIN code, a car key programmer and a blank key.

Step 1: Get your PIN code

Usually you can find the PIN code in the car or in the manual book. Many drivers, including me, do not know this actually. After I used a PIN code calculator (hmm, a must for every mechanic) to get the code, a mechanic nearby told me the code was written in the manual book! Well, at least it proved the PIN code I got was right.

Step 2: Get a VW key programmer

As we all know, the car key programmers on the market for VW are quite ok. Tools such as Launch X431, VAS 5053, Bluetooth VAS 5054A ODIS are all available. But for the 2010 Jetta I came across, the only tool I could use was VAS 5054A. So I bought a VAS 5054  interface with OKI chip, tested it, and it worked.

Step 3: Get a blank key

Buy a blank key with the right chip for the car model. In most circumstances, a blank 2010 Jetta costs from $45 to $100 in different shops.

Step 4: Program a replacement
Start the VAS5054a ODIS diagnostic tool, install it, enter the PIN code, and then you will create a new replacement. I made a new key and then tested it on the car. When I inserted the replacement, the immobilizer light turned off. This meant the key can was successfully programmed.

when a car member pass the several failed car key program attempts, I recently successfully program a new key for a 2010 Jetta. Here I would like to share my experience and hope this is helpful for Jetta owners to program their car keys.

Why Ford decided to create a 'Smart Mobility' subsidiary

For more than 100 years, Ford Scanner has built cars for the masses. On Friday, the company took its most concrete steps to date to splinter that business model among emerging alternatives to traditional car ownership.

Ford announced it has created a new subsidiary, Ford Smart Mobility, that will serve as an incubator for potential opportunities that range from ride sharing to fractional car ownership. While the company's rivals have made splashes with big acquisitions and launches of new brands, Ken Washington, Ford's vice president of research and advanced engineering, tells Autoblog the company made different strategic choices that resulted in the formation of the new subsidiary.

"This was a direct outcome of our very intentional approach to take our time and get it right," he said Saturday during the South By Southwest festivities in Austin, Texas. "We've been fairly deliberate about exploring the space and the options. There's a lot of ways people can move around."

"We thought doing it within the boundaries of our current company and being part of this innovation ecosystem, that's going to be hard." – Ken Washington
Ford has conducted more than 30 experiments and pilot projects across the globe that fall under the mobility umbrella in recent years. As those progressed, Washington said it became clear within the company that it'd be difficult to build business models around those ideas and scale them within the confines of the main company. Forming a separate company became an attractive solution, much in the same way Google formed Alphabet late last year, a holding company for more ambitious projects that might not turn an immediate profit. Ford's stock has slid roughly 20 percent this year, despite record sales throughout the auto industry. It closed at $13.29 on Friday.

"We thought doing it within the boundaries of our current company and being part of this innovation ecosystem, that's going to be hard," Washington said. "So we thought it was the right move – a separate but connected company. We wanted to get the most bang for our buck being separate, and still be connected so we can flow insights from customers back into our core business as well." key program

One of the first projects the Ford Smart Mobility subsidiary will examine is an extension of its Dynamic Shuttle pilot program that took place in London last year. The program is something of a mix between personal vehicles and public transportation that provides comfortable rides in a ride-hailing format. After receiving positive feedback during the initial phase of the pilot, Ford has expanded testing onto its Dearborn, Michigan, campus.

"That research pretty clearly told us that if there was an efficient shuttle service that could be routed dynamically, that was outfitted in a manner that gave you a comfortable ride and personal space, people would love it," Washington said. "That research was loud and clear. ... The results so far are pretty promising and telling us there's an exciting potential business that we could potentially take to multiple cities and introduce at some scale."

Ford Smart Mobility will be based in Dearborn, though it will work closely with the company's Research and Innovation Center in Palo Alto, California, which focuses on innovations in connected cars, mobility and Autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous vehicle development will remain under the purview of Ford proper, Washington said, though technology and insights could flow to the Smart Mobility company, especially as it examines ride-sharing platforms. Even as Uber and Lyft are defining the ride-sharing market, Washington said Ford isn't so sure there's a business case for another ride-sharing platform, at least until self-driving cars are ready to do the driving.

"It's not clear how profitable or sustainable a business could be if you have drivers in the loop," he said. "If you just extrapolate the volume of need as cities grow and reach congested levels of 1 to 10 million people and beyond, the demand for ride-service vehicles and flexible ownership could pretty easily outstrip the availability of drivers. So it's unclear to us if it's a sustainable model with a driver. But we're not dismissing that either

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